Friday, August 06, 2010


It is certainly not an exaggeration of some kind to declare, once and for all, that this otherwise beautiful and admirable Country by reason of its majority simple and guileless citizens, is a Gambling Nation in the making. This is definitely not some kind of an expression of frustration, much less a cry of desperation. It is an existing national reality that is precisely becoming more and more deeply rooted and extensive in coverage. Of course Luzon is way ahead in the vibrant incarnation of gambling, with the Visayas closely following, and Mindanao slowly but surely gain grounds – all in the context of “Gambling Philippines”.

There are major and marked indications to reasonably arrive at such a nauseating observation and conclusion – even if but considering the following three standing realities in the Philippines scene. These public and living facts may no longer rightfully demand for “evidence” - - considering their naked truth long since well known and accepted by the general public. In other words, below mentioned are the factual and real observations that only downright fools or ignoramuses would dare to ask for proofs thereof:

One: Once upon a time, there were Jueteng, Bingo, Lucky Nine and similar petty neighborhood gambling forms. Then was lo and behold, there was Pagcor, Lotto, STL and other more ardent and heavy gambling, internet gambling, not to mention public bookies here and there. After some harassments specially from local police authorities and after certain “considerations” asked by and given to them by the gambling operators with the usual “Gambling Lords”, gambling happily, freely and profitable went on, goes on and intends to become even more and more – not less.

Two: The distinction made between “legal” and “Illegal” gambling is but part of the diarrhea of sound and words in the realm to objective truth and reality. In other words, with no juridical difference between them, any and all forms and modalities of gambling publicly and freely operate in all conceivable places in the Country, and at all opted times. Meantime, the supposedly local, regional and national public authorities see nothing, say nothing, do nothing. Thus it is that “Everybody is happy!” with the present national gambling situation to the standard ultimate lost of bettors and the standing “happiness!” of gambling capatalists and their protectors.

Three: On account of the above throbbing realities, the fact is that recently, one or more now incumbent ingenious and honorable legislators came up with the brilliant idea of “creating” some kind of a “National Gambling Commission” intended to “supervise” any and all kinds of gambling in the Country for their proper taxation! Brilliant and ingenious yet amoral and demoralizing for Filipino with still sound value system. Shame! Shameless!

06 AUGUST 2010