Wednesday, July 28, 2010


The 2010 SONA may be legitimately subject to different perception and interpretations. It can be also open to various appreciations and projections. This is not only well expected but also perfectly understandable, even but considering that every individual has his or her considered options and personal preferences. In the understanding and estimation of the substantive contents of the said SONA, there are at least three major socio-political and economic factors that served as its inevitable underpinnings – all within the content and context of the nauseous “legacy” of the past administration:

One: The institutionalization of corruption in government.
This is one big, profound and extensive ethical liability in public service. The fact that it has been slowly but surely implanted and cultivated for about a decade, means that this deeply and widely propagated malady could easily take years to extirpate – not only from the mind but also the psyche of those holding public offices. The President needs all the available help of his own people to reserve this amorality in public service, in all the branches of government. How and for how long? Who can really say?

Two: The neutralization of the principles of justice.
The obnoxious phenomenon plus the odious fact that the powerful and influential, the rich and infamous characters proudly and callously have been long since proudly and callously standing above the laws of the land, are enough to make honest and decent people stand in despair and weep for the national injustice system. The President is again challenged to rectify this structure problem with the competent and dedicated help of his trusted Officials. How and for how long? Who can really say?

Three: The vacuumed public coffer.
“Empty of cash but full of debts.” – this is the solid reality and good description of the “Gone to the Wind” public funds of the Country. Yes, some of it were used for these and those projects, on the occasion of these and those natural calamities. But most of them – this is altogether another question like the many queenly requirements, the glorious chartered flights, the royal 1 million pesos dinner, many expensive side-shows of development and affluence to Asian leaders, and more. Now, this is another grave and serious problem that the President requires expert and honest assistance to recover from. How and for how long? Who can really say?

Hence, the SONA could only be that good as allowed by the above noted combined mortal legacy of the past administration. But even the good in the said Address will have to be proven by the emerging socio-political and economic really under the command of the now incumbent President.

28 JULY 2010