Wednesday, July 21, 2010


The matter of “priority” has been and still is repeatedly invoked by the present administration. And rightly so – considering the big socio-economic debacle not to mention the ethico-political mess merrily left behind by the previous supposedly glorious administration. In short and plain language, priority is the principle of “first things first”. It will be good to note well that such a prime norm of right reason and sound logic, only works when neither personal considerations nor private concerns are allowed to meddle therein. Otherwise, it could be anything but “You are my boss”.

There must be more than a hundred and one errant public structures plus more than a thousand and one erratic public officials all left behind by a thus most distrusted and least appreciated government. It is wherefore left to the new national leadership – with his chosen advisers and close collaborations precisely - - to determine the priority of his supposedly plain, simple and straight-forward administration qualified by the battle cry of integrity and honesty in governance. Question: Taking into consideration the obtaining over-all pitiful situation of the Philippines, what would be the key priority agenda of the P-Noy government. Could they be the following?

First Priority: Establish a functional justice system.

There have been and they still are a good number of wealthy and influential individuals who long lived and acted above the law. While they are gross thieves and odious cheaters, they are still around, enjoying their status, giving smiles and living on top of the world. Justice demands that behind bars is their rightful place.

Second Priority: Vanish graft and corrupt practices.

Those who indulged in this malevolent way of life, have no place in decent society. These deleterious characters are the curse of the Country, the dregs of the community. While shamelessly enriching themselves, they impoverish the government and thereby drive people to anger and despair.

Third Priority: Institute long-term development projects.

Unless in times of emergency, the practice of dole-outs and everything similar thereto, are not only passé but also detrimental to human dignity and human industry. The fundamental criterion and immediate reference point of right and just development plan, programs and projects are the welfare and benefit of the people in general.

21 JULY 2010