Friday, July 30, 2010


It is evident that mining has its own merits, contributes the government coffers, and helps in the development of the Nation concerned. It is however also rather obvious that a Country that is basically agricultural in nature and design, would not find mining as a welcome industry, but instead look at it with discomfort, fear and repulsion even. There are certain elementary reasons for the “unholy” paring of mining and agriculture – simply as a matter of fact.

In general, mining is the search, pursuit and digging of minerals that stipulate the following: First, the required piece of land is secured, prepared and accordingly contoured or dug. Second, the pursued ore is then continuously taken or brought out respectively, incessantly cleansed until such a time when the mining venture is no longer profitable to the investors, most of whom are foreigners. Third, this mining site is then closed, left and abandoned after serving the economic interests of the corporation or the businessmen concerned. Fourth, the said piece of land abandoned is thereafter left with all conceivable unhealthy mining garbage, not excluding the standard poisonous elements associated therewith. Fifth, and lastly, exactly the same portion of land remains once and for all, not only divested of its under-ground mining wealth but also becomes disabled of its above-ground natural possibilities – such as precisely growing healthy agricultural products and others potentials of healthy soil.

In other words, the mining industry is not only terminal but also usually fatal. It is terminal in the sense that it definitely has a conclusive ending - - once and for all in the course of time. Yes, much ore is mined and much profit is obtain. But, no matter how long such a venture lasts, time definitely and ultimately comes when all is ended. Reason: Mining profitability is gone. Mining people are gone. Mining site is a waste. And as the song goes: The land just lies there and it dies there!

On the other hand, agriculture makes use of the land again, and again, again. The farmers plant and harvest, plant and harvest, plant and harvest. The people in turn buy and eat, buy and eat, buy and eat. Thus it has been, it is and will be – until people themselves destroy the environ and waste the land to their own lost, bewilderment and too late a repentance. Conclusion: Let people care for the environ, preserve the land precisely to serve their continuous needs, in return.

All the above simply say the following: the Philippines is an agriculture Country by nature, making alien thereto!

30 JULY 2010