Monday, July 26, 2010


There goes the battle cry of the new President, the governing chief Executive, the incumbent Commander-in-Chief. The message is clear, and its context is right. Corruption was the clear and strong trademark of the past administration, and poverty is its living and insulting bequest to the Country. Result: The opposition won the May elections, hands down. The then administration lost it, hands up. Reason: The past administration was the incarnation of corruption and the cause of national poverty. Conclusion: The sitting President made a socio-political precision by saying that corruption in government and poverty among the people were a cause-and-effect pair.

Needless to say, the present administration has a definite and defined threefold agenda all ready for its progressive implementation in six years: One, restore honesty and integrity in government. Two, work for the common good and public welfare of the people. Three, bequeath to the Country the development it deserves, together with other Asian Nations. Such a combined national vision is admittedly difficult but certainly not unachievable. Alone, P-Noy cannot do it. But with the faithful and unwavering collaboration of his own chosen people in government – adorned with integrity, competent and character – his mission is certainly not impossible.

With multi-billions of pesos spent specially in the past six years and with also multi-billion US dollar debts also incurred in the same time-span, even Filipinos with no high school much less college diplomas, are knowledgeable enough to ask: Where did all the money go? What happened to so much direct and indirect taxes? What did the Filipinos get for all those billions upon billions of nine-year pork barrels? Why were all those local and foreign debts acquired? Who will ultimately pay for them? How will the present government survive, render public service, help the people?

“ Kung walang kurap, walang mahirap!” the Country is rich in its natural resources. The Filipinos live simple lives. Their needs are little, and their demands are few. They love education but the possibilities for it are scarce and illusive. They want to work, but work there is none – except to go abroad, leave their families behind, submit to the hard toil and face constant danger of lives and limbs. Why all these factors of poverty and misery in the Country, among the people? Was it because of the probity and moral ascendancy of the past administration? Was it on account of its understanding that public office trust? Or, was it instead corruption unlimited?

Just asking.

26 JULY 2010