Wednesday, June 09, 2010


Objective truth has some features that liars and thieves, frauds, grafters and like other vicious and odious characters will to remember - - knowing fully well that their corrupt and corrupting legacy adversely affects not only themselves but their descendants as well. In fact, even if they are six feet below the ground, their gross and scandalous misdeeds, continue to haunt them still. This is no movie but reality, not mere moral gymnastics but historical certainty.

In other words, truth can wait - - but not forever. The rather well known big crooks and villains in the present Philippines society, especially those supposedly occupying high and sensitive Offices in government but instead prove to be callous and obnoxious so called “public officials” can be, and are being exonerated one by one from their heinous sins against the good and welfare of the Filipinos in general. The more powerful and influential they have been in the past decade or so, the more covetous and greedy they became, and more above the law they remain to this writing.

The over-all result of the above compound and complex decadent governance is already nauseous to listen to and disgusting to think about: Poverty and misery. Discrimination and criminality. Ignorance and despair. And the sorrowful litany goes on and on. But over and above all this social ills is the lamentable phenomenon of the much eroded dignity of the human person - - together with the consequent depreciation of basic human rights, which is one big bad news!

But again, it would be a huge folly for those concerned in the socio-political and pursuant economic degradation of the Country to even but think that they could get away with it all - - now and ever. Whether they subscribe to it or not, sooner or later, their distorted value system and consequent sick actuation pattern will eventually face and succumb to the fearsome force of truth, and thereby bow down to the imperative of justice. No! This is not necessarily about the hereafter and beyond - - but even in the here and now!

The nature of truth thus stands: One can easily deny it, readily hide it or even dare trample upon it. But there it remains and stays. And eventually it demolishes falsehood and deceit - - so too the liars and deceivers. The essence of justice thus works as well: Someone can escape it now, hide from it later, but free oneself from it ever - - this, no! Ultimately, as justice guides the way of the innocent, so too does justice in due time, bags in the guilty and takes them away from decent society.

As it is often said: The higher one is the harder this falls! This is so true for those who shamelessly betray the people’s trust, who nonchalantly pocket people’s money, who avidly keeps what is not theirs. In the same ways, the more deception and hypocrisy certain individuals live by and live with the less hope they have in eventually living in peace and ease.

09 JUNE 2010