Friday, June 11, 2010


Lately, there has been and there still is a lot of extraordinary interest, talk and concern about the ordinary phenomenon of smoking. Do not smoke! Why smoke? Smoking is bad! And so on. Smoking makes you sick! Why poison yourself? Smokers harm others’ health! And so forth. The truth is that even the department of Health has joined the fray, intending to wage a social war against smoking, even proposing the use of the pack itself of cigarettes to counter smoking. And the cigarette industry in turn, signified its vehement objections to the anti-smoking drive coming to fore these days. It helps the economy. It provides employment. It contributes to the development of the Country. Leave it alone.

There are indications to the effect that the rather bitter fight between the anti-smoking advocacy and the pro-smoking promotion will continue for some more time – unlike so many very much serious issues in this Country that come and go with the rising and the setting of the sun. Reason: There is a very important personality in the forefront of this particular Philippine socio-political scenery, who is the target recipient of a good amount of unsolicited advice against smoking. Pitiful man. He merely wants to smoke – buying his own cigarettes. He simply enjoys smoking – helping the industry. And there is the mob that tells him “Stop it!” and “Go ahead!” all at the same time.

And here comes another altogether very unsolicited that plainly and clearly says: It’s you call, man! If you want to continue smoking, then proceed. It you want to stop smoking, then only you can do it – not any Office, neither any Department nor any Don and Dona, any Juan or Juana. In the event that smoking is your option, then it’s a period. No “if’s”, no “but’s”. Yet, it perchance you eventually decide to quit smoking, then you can do it. Of course, you can make it! How?

Here: You are not just someone but somebody. You have a mind that works and a heart that functions. You have all your senses intact and sound. You come from a celebrated family and went to celebrated schools as well. You have your academic degrees on record and practical skills on call. You have money at hand and culture in your command. You are famous and acclaimed. You are powerful and influential. You are standing high and looking tall. You have the opportunity to influence the whole Country and to thus write its great history. You have a people backing you up, standing by you, and wishing you well. You have and hold in your hands the present and the future of many millions Filipinos.

And would you allow but sticks of cigarettes to defeat all the above armaments, to cancel YOU!?!

11 JUNE 2010