Friday, June 25, 2010

Once more with feeling: presenting the Philippine amusing and gabmling corporation

Gambling is corruption. It is ridiculous to equate it with integrity, honesty, nobility. Gambling is a vice. It is mockery to identify it with virtue, probity, honor. Gambling is indolence. It is a shame to claim that it is industrious, hardworking and productive people who indulge therein. This is precisely why gamblers are individuals who do not look straight at people, who hate well-lighted lobbies on their way to gambling and wherefore simply love dark and shadowy casino entrances.

Furthermore, gambling makes addicts to the point of making gamblers bet not only the money in their pockets but also that which is not yet theirs at all. This is precisely why gamblers are suspect characters in terms of their must-have money to gamble, irrespective of the ways and means to lay their hands on it. The truth is that they are driven to bet even the means to lay their hands on it. The truth is that they are driven to bet even the future of their families – to the point of even destroying them in favor of gambling. Addiction to drugs or to alcohol, to carnal drives towards men, women and/or children – gambling has addictive features even much worst than said accursed vices.

“You eat by your toil and sweat.” “You do not steal.” “You do not even covet the assets of others.” These are elementary mandates that even the unschooled understand. In fact, they are three cardinal rules in living with others, in interacting with people. Violate any of them and you immediately become a social curse – someone to distrust and disdain. Gamblers sit down and grab as much money as possible. Gamblers in no way earn but in effect steal the money of losers. Furthermore, the fundamental instinct of gamblers is to covet – to salivate, to crave, to desire – the money of all the other seen and unseen gamblers. This is why it is said, and rightly so, that the vice of covetousness or avarice decidedly hovers among the gamblers and around gambling tables.

Contra: But Pagcor earns much for the sick, the needy and the poor! Answer: Then how come there are now even more sick, needy and poor people. Contra: But Pagcor is a government corporation! Answer: Worse because it makes the government itself a social malediction for promoting corruption, indolence and dependence among the people. Contra: But without Pagcor, the government would have no money to spend for national development. Answer: Really? Then how come the Country remains much underdeveloped – notwithstanding even the huge external plus internal debts precisely incurred by the almost a decade old government.

One thing is certain and clear: It would be a gross contradiction if a government whose flagship is precisely anti-corruption, would allow Pagcor to continue it is corrupt and corrupting operation.

25 JUNE 2010