Wednesday, June 16, 2010


With the glaring fact that the Country is so down under in socio-economic development as well as in politico-cultural integrity, offers no consolation to anybody in anyway. Yet this same lamentable national situation nevertheless strongly implies that the in-coming administration has no other way of governing and leading the Filipino people but up: Up in examples of honesty and probity. Up in the degree of their trust and respect. Up in terms of industrial progress and employment. Up in the matters of finances, health and education.

It could be difficult and possibly even messy. There would be resistance on the part of experts in graft and corruption. Those accustomed to the use of questionable power held and untenable wealth accumulated might urge and pay certain individuals or groups to oppose what is right and just. But most Filipinos, the “uneducated” ones included, feel and know what is good or evil, what is virtuous or vicious. This is called intuition, and this is what the poor, the helpless and the ignorant mostly have.

The at long last existing inglorious reign boasted of so many things done! But at what cost to the people--the still unborn included? The billions upon billions from foreign and local debts incurred, plus all the direct and indirect taxes spent, are too big to have too little to show. It is said that the going, going, gone Chief of all chiefs simply loved doing public works. But lo and behold, it is no secret that it is precisely in public works that practically half of the money spent goes SOP’s. How intriguing! How revolting!

These are like the post-Martial Law days. Then, the succeeding administration could practically do nothing wrong whereas all wrong deeds have already been done and well done before. In the same way, these post-Hello Garci period has done anything vicious and everything odious possible. It would then be quite hard for the now named “P-Noy” to still do wrong, to still go astray – as all these have been already very successfully done by his depreciated and disdained soon to be predecessor. Alone, it is certain that the in-coming leadership cannot do it. But with the honest and upright, competent and trusted collaboration of his carefully chosen lieutenants, he is on!

Again: anything bad and everything wrong have already been done before by someone becoming bad history – very soon. With firm right intention and consequent virtuous decisive option, the in-coming successor cannot go wrong – practically speaking. Hence : Go, man, go!

16 JUNE 2010