Wednesday, June 23, 2010

new air, renewed spirit, renewal of hope

It is not written down nor accordingly recorded. It is not even expressly said nor formally noted. But the palpable truth is that there is new air in the atmosphere. There is even a renewed spirit in the Country. But more important of all, there is a renewal of hope among the Filipinos. All these are not only timely but also necessary – considering the foul air, the trampled upon spirit and the dying hope of the present generation, courtesy of the exiting administration at long last.

But to add salt to injury, before it is actually gone as a distressing and shameful part of Philippine History, there is on the other hand, the callous shameless attempt at a futile and vain self-glorification of the singularly distrusted – repeatedly obtaining distinctly minus approval ratings in the course of time – finally departing leadership. Power-points are made. Books are written. Rah-rah boys and girls are singing the mandated chorus. All these are highly predictable in their over-all deodorizing intention.

There were the roads made, the bridges built, the railways extended. There are the infrastructures in place, the economic fundamentals in order, not to mention these and those accomplishments made for these and those development programs. But: At what and whose expense? Let it be noted that the said administration in no way spent a single centavo from its own pocket for all such projects—as it in fact earned very much from them. Let it is said that any and all expenses incurred by the same administration are paid for with public funds—chargeable to every single Filipino, rich and poor, the yet unborn included. How on earth could such be its own projects, its own accomplishments?! Come on! Be truthful even but for once!

No wonder then that there is the shrill howl of “Good-bye!” to the ending administration and the warm greetings of “Welcome!” to the beginning administration. Herewith comes fresh air, enlivened spirit and revitalized hope. It cannot be otherwise – considering the socio-political and economic havoc brought about by the going “Hello Garci?” government vis-à-vis the promising future being ushered in by the in-coming “P-Noy” governance of honesty and integrity.

Would that the leadership in the forthcoming government understand why so much demands and expectations are now being reposed thereon, why so many unsolicited pieces of advice are thereto addressed. One thing is sure and certain: The said leadership cannot but do better. Reason: The packed one has already done the worst – with an special expertise in the institutionalization of graft and corruption in all branches of government.

23 JUNE 2010