Monday, June 14, 2010


It is “INDEPENDENCE DAY” once again – a day once a year when Filipinos pause from their usual chore in order to thank the GOOD LORD for those heroic as well as ordinary individuals who laid their lives on the line to gain FREEDOM, LIBERTY, SOVEREIGNTY for this Country. Everyone of them, known and unknown, definitely deserves national praise, admiration, gratitude - - and prayer for the eternal repose of those who already went to the hereafter and beyond.

The questions usually asked and heard precisely on the occasion of the annual celebration of this signal Day, are the following: Freedom from what? Certainly not from poverty and misery, ignorance and indignity! Liberty to do what! It must be to engage in crime and drugs, in the carnal business and gambling galore! And sovereignty in what? Definitely not in terms of American control nor in form of other threats from Nations! Neither in the matter of national dependence from OFW remittances nor in the case of ever increasing - - if not everlasting – foreign debts!

But wait! There is something new in the socio-political situation of the Country that in effect inspires a genuine celebration of Philippine Independence Day. The forthcoming big red letter day may be, after all, an occasion worthwhile rejoicing for. The rationale behind such an optimism is neither petty, much less vain. It has been and still is a huge moral burden plus a widespread social malady that have profoundly and extensively undermined the Country’s value system, not simply its Asian but also international standing – with shameful leading titles.

Hurrah for the exit of the too old an administration! Mabuhay for the entrance of the PHILIPPINE INDEPENDENCE DAY of 2010! At long last! Freedom from incarnate graft and corruption! Liberty from a dysfunctional regime~ Sovereignty of the law over glorious personalities! Surely, all these are realistic signs of independence in many signal oppressive realities and/or oppressing factors in the Country.

Hence from the end of this month of June, let the standard first 100 days honeymoon period begin – with much hope, prayer and anticipation: Hope for a right and just governance. Prayer for the competence of the new administration. Anticipation of the ultimate reign of justice and peace. Are these resolves unrealistic to make? Are these expectations too much to wait for? Are such fundamental signs of real and realistic national independence so unreal and unrealistic? Oh, no!

14 JUNE 2010