Friday, June 18, 2010

Aquino flagship commitment: no graft and corruption

WONDERFUL yet no choice really. Great but quite difficult. Right and in good order. These are the more relevant and practical responses to the not simply comforting but also inspiring and edifying Aquino flagship commitment: No to graft and corruption! Away with dishonesty and thievery! Let justice reign. Take the straight road, avoid the crooked path!

And is there no option, really. No nation could grow both in its economic standing and value system when placed in the grip of a graft ridden and corrupt government. In the same way, no people could really be free and independent when ruled by public officials who have become experts in graft and corruption. Banditry and thievery constitute a formidable pairing in bringing about social injustice and disorder.

The vice of greed is a big curse not only for the victims but also for the greedy themselves. It is a painful malediction of the victims of greed because even the very little they have are snatched away from them—leaving them in poverty and misery. But it is a special damnation of the greedy whereas while already having too much, they feel still salivating and craving for more—and more, and even more. This is just like someone who is already overfed and still feels terribly hungry. One thing is infallibly certain: just as no one lives on bread alone, no one too lives forever.

The whole truth wherefore and nothing but the truth is that those infamous national characters whose expertise is gross graft and corruption in the tenure of over-endowed financially high public offices in dynastic mode—they already frequent hospitals more and more, here and there, even surreptitiously at times. When their time for ultimate departure comes, the amount and weight of their immense fortune in cash and in kind will bury them six feet deep the ground—instead of allowing them to depart freely and lightly for the above and beyond.

No to graft and corruption! Therefore: more public funds for public welfare. More money for health and education. More financing for infrastructure projects. More investments in business and industry. More resources to deter crimes, to do away with drugs, gambling, flesh trade. More possibilities to develop the countryside, to increase production, to spread the national wealth. No! It is not to make earth a heaven—but simply to spread around its riches and potentials.

To P-noy: you can do it—with honest and upright co-workers in key government offices and signal public concerns. And do it—for God and country!

18 June 2010