Monday, June 21, 2010


There is this new song that is often heard these new times with new hope. It is not hard to decipher what motivated the composer to write it as well as what inspired the singers to render the song with fervor and gusto. The following can be said of its forceful sound and nationalist lyrics: First, it is a big and load reproach of the out-going administration. Second, it is an urgent and ardent plea for redemption from the in-coming government. Third, it is a strong and determined resolve to leave behind the repulsive old and aged administration behind, and to welcome the new in-coming government with fervent hope and expectation for better future.

“Bayan”: this is not only a precious actually but also brings out a noble sentiment. The distinct word stands for Country and its People as practically one and the same reality. Just as a Country without people is but barren land, a people without a Country is one big curse and shame. There is something very certain in this particular subject matter: the Country and its people will eventually fight back with a fatal country-strike.

“Bayan Naman” : This is a no nonsense declaration addressed to the powerful, the wealthy and influential individuals in government, reminding these that their respective public Office is categorically intended for service to the Country and its people – definitely not for their own self-service as individuals but specially so, not in favor of their respective political dynasties. It other words, they are what they are not for themselves but for the Filipinos and the Philippines.

“Ang Bayan Naman”: Please, ladies and gentlemen in government – for a change – look after our common good and public welfare as citizens of this Country and as constituents of your political positions. Time has come for you all to change your very selfish interest, and instead redirect your attention and concern to altruistic agenda. In case you still do not get it, here: You are our public servants. We hire you. We pay you. You serve us.

It can be said that the no less than nine-year motto and song of the exiting administration have consistently been “I, me and mine”. Would that the incoming leadership, for a change, say and sing “You, yourselves, yours”.

In short: Ang Bayan Naman!

21 JUNE 2010