Monday, May 03, 2010


Truth is liberating, inspiring, empowering. Lie is humiliating, sickening, demeaning. Truth knows no party, respects neither color nor creed. Lie hides and takes cover, likes the dark and the down under. Truth looks straight and even stares. Lie looks down and away. Truth can stand by itself. Lie needs another lie and another lie to simply go by. There is nothing like truth to live by and live with. There is nothing like lie to fear today and abhor tomorrow. The truly intelligent and really wise do not lie. Otherwise, if they do, they are in effect but fools and pretenders in intelligence and wisdom.

Those who lie most, emerge likewise most distrusted, disgusting and alienating. Those who live on lies cannot but hate the truth. This fact is neither profound nor unknown. Those who are big and fat liars incarnate cannot let go of their lies such that by lies they live in peace, to sleep soundly, and to wave and smile as often as possible. Forever they want to live by and with their lies. They find it practically impossible to let go of their lying here and now because of their fear towards the truth hereafter and beyond. Miserable and pitiful liars! They hide from the truth - - afraid of this now, later and ever.

Needless to say, truth and lie are not only an incongruous pairing but also unimaginable pals. In other words, it’s either one or the other - - as there is no such thing that is both true and false at the same time, in the same context. It other words, a truth that is partly a lie, just as a lie that is partly a truth, are both false. Truth is all true - - or nothing. In the same way, a lie that is but true in part, remains a lie. Thus it is that one is either dead or alive. Someone who is dying is precisely alive whereas otherwise, the same would be dead. In the same way, truth and lie excludes one another - - it is one or the other.

Conclusions: First, truth sets one free - - free from fear and cowardice. Second, lie chains the liar to insecurity - - insecurity from discovery and ego-reversal. Third, truth is on its own - - a liar depends on memory to remember every lie told. Fourth, the naked truth is the strongest truth - - as a naked lie is the worst one. Fifth, neither truth nor lie is an option - - the former is mandatory while the latter is not be a real choice. Sixth, truth can be told one by one - - but lie has to be told one after another in support of each other. Seventh, it is a blessing for the truthful to live long - - yet a curse for a liar to continue living. Eight, liars have governed the Philippines specially so in the past decade - - hence the poverty and misery, the displeasure and disgust of the Filipinos in general. Ninth, truth is the solution - - as lying is the problem. Tenth, truth is the basis of justice and peace – but lie is the origin of social injustice and disorder.

01 MAY 2010