Friday, May 21, 2010


This is neither intended to question the claimed and acclaimed numerous prerogatives of someone as the “Son of God” – nor is it motivated to criticize his many millions of followers said to be all over the world. This is simply meant to bring to fore certain perplexities as well as some inquiries – all occasioned by the following recorded facts: One, the said illustrious figure was approached by a good number of political candidates fondly called “Presidentiables”, for his eventual choice and anointing in order to win the recently concluded national elections according to Divine Providence. Two, the same much revered personality himself said that he needed time to first consult his heavenly “Father” for the purpose of listening well to “Him” for proper guidance, knowledge and decision whom among the said candidates to officially endorse to his multi-million of followers, particularly in the Philippines. Three, the likewise famous person – the “Son of God” and the beloved of the “Father”, eventually proved wrong – very wrong in his identification and choice of one particular presidential candidate whom he in fact publicly prayed over fervently, as the anointed one.

Without the least desire or design for people to doubt, much less to ridicule the same “Son of God”, reason and logic however are seeking clear answer to some plain questions – always with respect for his person and with admiration for his claims before his practically innumerable devotees and followers here and abroad – considering the big and even shameful lost suffered by his chosen and anointed “Presidentiable” – as specifically and concretely revealed to him by his “Father”, thus is it asked:

(1) Dib his “Father” in effect committed a mistake and consequently proved wrong in “His” revelation to “His” his own “Son”?

(2) Was the “Son” instead in receipt of the wrong revelation, and thereby identified and anointed the wrong “Presidentiable”?

(3) Were the multi-million devotees and followers of the “Son of God” after all unwilling to listen to him and accept his official endorsement?

It is somehow a certitude that not few people are asking the same questions about the “Son of God” in the “New Jerusalem” with a “New Language” but without the “Serpent Seed”. In the same way there are some Filipinos who cannot help but doubt his sublime claims at continuous “revelations” from a high mountain down to the plains of Davao. Thus it is that certain individuals now question his often repeated avowal not only of his “Sonship” but also “Kingship”. And it would pretty hard for him to simply put the blame on others. Or would he?

21 MAY 2010