Wednesday, May 05, 2010


It is a matter of record that COMELEC was already a big mess itself during the 2004 national Elections - - under the over-all “Hello, Garci?” Not far from the 2010 National Elections, COMELEC seems to be again in one huge messy situation. The key individuals in the Commission have been long singing the same tunes - - to the effect that “Everything is on time and in place.”, “We are 100% ready.” “There can be no such thing as ‘failure of elections’”. And similar endearing songs.

Needless to say, Malacanang is distinctly all calm on the matter and all quiet about a hundred and one serious reservations not only on the capacity but also about the dependability of the COMELEC to conduct honest and orderly, peaceful and credible elections. The public in general however whose distrust in Malacanang is low as low it can be, has been for some time now harboring serious doubts if not real anger, having grave anxiety if not downright fear about COMELEC 2010 acta and agenda. There are even some naughty individuals who say that a “Hello, Melo?” can be in the opting.

It is said that the earnestly proposed “parallel count” would delay the transmission of the number of votes for some three (3) hours. This does not seem much when during purely manual elections, it took about a month or so to know their over-all result. It is further said that the same proposal would cost the COMELEC some millions of pesos to pay those assigned to do it. Again, this does not seem much, considering the many billions of pesos already spent and still being spent by COMELEC. It is finally said that the same proposal is late. Once more, so many proposals were made long before, and all of them intended to make the elections peaceful and acceptable. But COMELEC in principle set them aside, for one reason or another.

“Between the devil and the deep blue sea.” - - this could be the big predicament of COMELEC now. But the COMELEC as such has already been in essentially the same predicament before. What’s new? Poor COMELEC!

05 MAY 2010