Wednesday, May 19, 2010


It is not enough that there are “jueteng” everlasting and “virtual” emerging - - in addition to insistent town lottery, persistent lotto and suertes plus PAGCOR the reaper, in some infamous parts of the Country. In the just concluded local and national elections, it is not secret that illegal gambling became more rampant whereas gambling earnings therefrom were precisely used for a good amount of vote buying by both aspiring and no good incumbent politicians. The fact stands that someone was already deposed for receiving money from gambling. Immediately thereafter, there was another somebody who again cavorted with a gambling national figure for election funding purposes. The cavorting merrily goes on to these days – if many reliable reports to that effect are given credence.

The many serious social evils brought to Filipino life by both “legal” and “illegal” gambling forms are all over the land. From dishonesty to deceit, fraud to cheating, indolence to dependence on sheer luck, from being swallowed up by the vice of gambling to the pursuant commission of crimes precisely for gambling money, from losing fortunes to destroying families – these are but some of the more pronounced empirical curses sown all over the land by the odious and vicious phenomenon of gambling. So it is that to be branded a “gambler” says and implies practically every ugly personal traits and twisted value system - - except anything noble and honorable.

It might not be altogether an irrelevant and futile inquiry what the in-coming Malacanang Chief would do – among many other sordid things left behind especially by his immediate predecessor of inglorious recall – specifically with Gambling Philippines. Considering that gambling is a vice as it cannot be a virtue in any distant way, and considering further the perceived sanctity of the maternal figure that brought the said forthcoming Head Boss on his way to power and neutralize rampant and flagrant gambling in the Country, one way or another? Or would he even favor and promote it, instead – either by his personal conviction in the intrinsic merit of gambling, or simply look at gambling in the Philippines as a non-issue?

Truth to say, the latter would seem to be the case whereas the successor of the PAGCOR Czar appears to be have been already identified and named. Being a suspect government corporation, the gambling entity itself has been long given but a staff function and placed under libertine direction of Malacanang, How convenient – for a hundred and one surreptitious purposes!

But then, it is but proper to give the eventual Malacanang Boss occupant the opportunity to prove himself – or to waste all its moral capital and junk all its ethical claims as well - - by the no-nonsense way he handles PAGCOR plus all the openly public illegal numbers games.

19 MAY 2010