Wednesday, May 12, 2010


No, it is not over. The fact is that it just begun. The national elections recently concluded showed the worst and the best in Philippines politics. Lives were lost. Rights were violated. Fear was sown. But the Pilipino voters sweated it all out. The sun was fierce and wind there was none. But they persevered and registered their electoral will. As to the political candidates, some of them stood for what is right and just – although these were admittedly few and far between. Most of them however even sold their souls, and did every vicious conceivable simply to win their coveted public Offices. At the end, the Country now as the usual mixed of good and bad politicians already proclaimed or about to undergo proclamation as celebrated winners – as the losers in the elections cry their hearts out.

Now what?

Would the old timers – and there is one gloriously standing by the wayside even but for the moment – simply continue cultivating the culture of graft and corrupt practices in government? Would they still make the already structurally damaged institutions even more dysfunctional – the Judiciary Department in particular? Are they now well poised to make their public Offices more effective in enslaving the poor and exploiting the ignorant? Or may the Filipino now expect a far better government, more honest and honorable politicians? It is reasonable for the people to look forward to governance that is not only ethically upright but also imbued with a morally sound value system?

It would be a big disaster if by 1 July 2010, the Country will but see some new faces here and there in public Offices and government agencies, and yet still witness the same lying and cheating, the same avarice and greed. Truth to say, the Philippines is now at its lowest ebb in progress and development, in integrity and trustworthiness. With the coming of some new faces and well meaning government Officials, it has not way to go but up and above. Otherwise, the Country would be proverbially “jumping from the frying pan to the fire”.

Hence, there is one extra-good news for the new leadership figures in the government – specially in its Executive and Judicial Branches. This: Theirs is the big chance and great opportunity to do everything right and just. Reason: There is nothing vicious and odious that the ultimately exiting administration, its leaders and minions, has not done and perpetrated. Hence: Come on, guys and gals. Let’s do it – for GOD and COUNTRY!

12 MAY 2010