Monday, May 17, 2010

Just asking

First, a plain and clear disclaimer: this is definitely not a search for perfection. Neither is this a posture of pessimism or negativism. This is but seeking rhyme and reason in the just concluded automated elections. Among other things, there are sayings like “First impressions do not last.”, “One robin does not make spring.” “It’s not over till the fat lady sings.” And so on—all essentially conveying the same message. Thus it is that the COMELEC – SMARTMATIC team was in no time praised even blessed for a job well done. There were a lot of warm congratulations extended, and many tight hand-shakes were made as well.

But as the dusts begin to settle, there are worthwhile questions raised here and there, in the same way that there are reasonable doubts expressed now and then. Far be all these from sour-grapping. Neither is it about a “hard-to-please” posturing. Much less is this fomenting social discontent possibly productive of social disorder. This is but about some things that are either rather hard to swallow or difficult to accept according to sound reason.

Why was such a basic and elementary component of the PCOS such as thousands of CFCs, proved to be suddenly kaput and wherefore had to be thus suddenly “reformatted”? What is the real reason why a good number of voting returns came in fast for canvassing—while the rest is taking a turtle pace to arrive to be likewise canvassed? Why it is that not all PCOS are accounted for? Except for those few destroyed by presumed rebels, where are the rest? Why is it that no less than some sixty of them were found in the wrong place but at the right time—after the elections?

Why has someone obtained such a small number of votes after spending so much and campaigning so well—complete with the help of celebrated figures? Why has someone with but a district figure, suddenly acquired an extensive national patronage? Why has someone who confessed that he did not speak the English language, appears to once again have a Senate seat waiting? Why could someone get zero vote in his own community?

Why does COMELEC look with marked nonchalance towards such glaring election offenses as manifest overspending, rampant vote buying, irresponsibly placed campaign posters—to mention a few? It appears that as the days go by, the good first impression on the recently concluded national automated elections, is going, going—and in due time possibly all gone!

17 May 2010