Friday, May 07, 2010

indecent haste

When speed is absurd, when hurry becomes irrational or when rush is without logic, when recklessness takes the place of prudence or when impetuosity escape reason then much more than simply making waste, haste already becomes downright indecent. And much more so it is when there are markedly suspect motives behind it, when the hasty thus appears to have nothing good in mind, nothing really honest nor upright at heart. And when precisely done by no one else than someone who is supposed to be the national repository of good will and intention, such becomes not simply questionable but also quite disturbing.

why the indecent haste of having a new Chief Justice of the Supreme Court appointed?! This is neither normal or regular. There is so much social garbage to clean. There is also so much political errancy to correct. This is not to mention the impoverishing and deadly culture of graft and corruption crying for corrective attention as it not only oppresses the poor but also angers ordinary people. And attention is focused in the appointment of a new Chief Justice. It is thus truly difficult to assume that everything is all right in the Country and all is well for the people. Intriguing!

Second, why the indecent haste to have two prime suspects at least in the Maguindanao massacre, readily absolved and even readied for release?! There are a thousand and one criminal cases whose trials go in a veritable snail pace – although they are much less in atrocity and much less as well as in ferocity. This is not to mention the three thousand and one suspects in small crimes long since languishing in jails all over the land. Why the special treatment of specially suspect political potentates for specially heinous crimes? That the justice system in the Philippines has become dysfunctional, this is not really a secret. But that injustice would be that vulgar and gross – this is something truly shameless. Appalling!

Third, why the indecent haste of having an MILF Agreement or something the like, approved – under some king of a cloak and dagger approach?! There are so many problems in the Country: Ominous forthcoming national elections. Private armies. Political Killings. Narco-politics - - and many other criminal ventures, big unemployment and inflation, enormous national local and foreign debts, lack of educational opportunities, prevalence of poverty and misery – to mention a few intense and extensive social problems in this supposedly “Land of the Morning”. And there is the undue preoccupation in forging such an Accord or something the like. Incredulous!

There must be an acceptable and tenable answer to all these bugging question. Who knows it? What is it? When does it come out in the open?

07MAY 2010