Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Truth to say, multi-million Filipinos wanted honest and credible 2010 national elections - for a change. They have had one too many Philippine elections that were identified with glaring fraud and flagrant cheating. This has been the main reason why upright and competent citizens avoided both local and national politics as a dirty play, a big pest. That was why when the Filipinos were told by the still reigning administration that they would have a high-tech fully automated elections, they could not but look forward to the political exercise with much anticipation and pride. And with ample reason: The most corrupt and wherefore the poorest under-developed Country in Asia was precisely the first one to have its much publicized not only it's supposedly full-scale but also allegedly full-proof mechanized electoral process. It was then not only good but great news!

Such wonder plus expectation were precisely the reason why multi-million Filipinos - the young and the adult, the elderly and disabled - all trooped to the so called "Clustered Precincts ". So what if a good number of them did not know what to. Never mind if the heat of the day was practically unbearable. It was not important if there were long multi-lines of voters all sweating and impatient to cast their ballots. The Pcos appeared to be wonder machines. The ballots looked both impressive and awesome. The elections had all the proper advertisements and needed promotions to psyche the Filipino electorate into believing that the Country would definitely have dependable and trustworthy elections - at long last!

So the elections were held. Some immediate vote-count results reached the public. Congratulations and commendations came early and fast. "Mabuhay, Comelec!" "Thank you, Smartmatic!" Yes, all these much advanced jubilation and loud cheers came until ... serious complaints of also automated cheatings and mechanized frauds surfaced from different parts of the Country, some of which are the following: The printing of the first unaccounted 1.5 million ballots for Mindanao. The Made-in-China pcos. The sudden cfc reformatting. The 60 pcos found in Antipolo. The garbage destination of machine voting results. The fact of cfc in the hands of unauthorized individuals. The either too many or too little number of votes among the national candidates. Two senatorial candidates with an incredibly big number of votes, and one them won even without campaigning. While supposedly counted votes were already transmitted even before the election day, to this writing some are still unaccounted for. These could have already reached the Comelec long since even with but the employ of messenger pigeons and/or the use of Indian smoke signals!

This explains the early congratulations and present lamentations. Hence, the more than a billion peso question sadly remains: Philippines oh! Philippines, when if ever, shall thou have honest, orderly, peacefully and credible elections? When oh! when?

28 MAY 2010