Monday, May 24, 2010


A naturally born Filipino citizen, 40 years old, can read and write – and one may thus legitimately run for and assume the Office of the President after winning the elections for that purpose. Add hereto an eminent family background, an impeccable educational attainment, a well funded electoral campaign plus the standard political machinery – and there stands the incoming President of the Philippines. The previous possibility does not only become a probability but even a certainly for winning the elective presidential Office with the obvious and standing fact that its last occupant sat on it for too long, did everything wrong conceivable, repeatedly obtained the lowest trust rating receivable, and in effect became the incarnate object of one too many loud and angry public protests.

But after a long and arduous presidential campaign, after many speeches and promises, after meeting all the needed expenses and eventually winning the national elections, the time has finally come for the winner to seat down and ask himself some cardinal questions – such as the following : Now, what? What do I do and how? Can I really deliver what I promised and actualize the commitments I made? Whom may I trust personally to help me, and upon whom may I officially depend on to work with me? And what do I abstain from doing and why? Are six years not too long to be pressures to act unethically and to live immorally?

But even people, who voted for him or for somebody else, are also having and asking some questions – such too as the following: Now, what? What are the existing and inherent vicious factors in government that the Presidents-elect could undo? And what are the absent yet necessary virtuous features in the Legislature, in the Executive Department and the Judiciary could he install and maintain? Could he truly remain upright and honorable during his six-year tenure as President, Chief Executive and Commander-in-Chief? Could he really bring to justice even but the few really big fishes in graft and corrupt practices, in tenure of power and wealth during the last nine years or so- their principal and the members of the latter’s syndicate in particular?

In short, what can he do or cannot do?

Is the President-Elect in command of the following necessary and dependable tripod: Integrity that tramples on transactional politics? Competence which rectifies dysfunctional government structure? Character that stands by what is good and right, proper and just?

24 MAY 2010