Monday, April 05, 2010


In plain language, true is confidence in someone as worthy of belief and respect. It also means reliance upon somebody as deserving of credence and esteem. It is thus easy to understand that trust is something earned for honorable behavior, for upright actuation pattern – or lost due to a nauseous bearing or devious demeanor that can only come from an individual in tenure of an ethically distorted value system and thus acting on a morally bankrupt conscience. It stands to reason wherefore that someone who is distrusted on account of a long litany of patently disgusting options, remains not only belittled but also suspect – always.

“You can fool some people sometime, but not all the people all the time.”- so goes not simply a rational maxim but also an empirical reality. It is the same way with a Masquerade Party. Not only will the party end sometimes. But so too must the mask must be eventually off for the guise to be uncovered in one’s naked reality – so to speak. In the same way, hypocrisy could only go that far, that long. Ultimately, the reality is known, the truth is out. To be distrusted much year after year, precisely to be distrusted – profoundly and practically for keeps.

It is worth nothing that somebody aware of popular distrust, usually does the following: First, the infamous character concerned would stop at nothing to gain the trust of people by grandiose projects and impressive hand-outs, the expenses for which however infallibly come from the pockets of others. Second, the same depreciated figure would wave, smile, shake hands of the common people in an attempt to give them the proverbial “Consuelo de bobo.”, with the said people then cheering externally like fools, but thereafter heartily joking and loudly laughing among themselves. Third, the said ridiculed individual then wants to believe to the object of popular gratitude and admiration yet has a mortal interior fear of being brought out of power, with the probability of also being divested of immense dynastic wealth and influence.

All the above generalization could be relevant and true in conjunction with a particular person who has been consistent much distrusted both in the local and continental levels. While practically nobody then, the individual was incidentally placed in power with proclaimed resistance, continued in power with alleged reluctance, and now still avidly wants to remain in power with well displayed nonchalance.

In line with the saying that “Misery loves company”, not contended with being distrusted, exactly the same “dramatis persona” now wants other institutions in the Country to be also distrusted – the highest Court in the land now included. Why will someone want to land in the dark times of Philippines History? How far can someone be willing to continue going the wrong way? What will make someone think that anything could be forever and ever – here and now?
07 APRIL 2010