Friday, April 16, 2010


“The Supreme Court shall have the following powers: Exercise original jurisdiction…over petitions for certiorari, prohibition, mandamus, quo warranto, and habeas corpus.” (Phil. Constitution: Art. VII, Sec. 5,1)

With malice towards none, with good will towards all, and with but the welfare of the Country in mind, it does not appear altogether baseless and wherefore senseless to say: One, that the executive Department specially in the national level has practically become the biggest bane and ordeal of the Country. Two, that the Legislative Department particularly its Lower House is actually anything but admirable in constituency and gratifying in it value system and work ethics. Three, that the judicial Department, most specifically the Supreme Court, lately appears to become less eminent in its handling of certain cases – more concretely in conjunction with issues perceived intimately connected with the self-serving interest of Malacanang - - symbolic of the Chief Executive.

It is a given that the executive Department summed up precisely in the Office of the Chief Executive is much distrusted and thereby well disliked by a good number of Filipinos. The same no longer inspires them but instead depresses them. In other words, the said figure with its apparently diminishing subservient allies, is much depreciated by the people in general. Understandable, they appear impatient of getting rid thereof – eventually.

It is likewise a given that the Legislative Department as far as its Lower House component is concerned, seems to appear to many people as some kind of a “hopeless case” – until it shows and proves its integrity and industry. In line with the saying that it is ethically difficult it not morally impossible “to teach old dogs, new tricks”, the said House could already be unredeemable unless it is manned by new upright and really trustworthy Representatives in due time.

But the Supreme Court of the Philippines, the highest body in the Judicial Department, cannot afford to be placed “In the Shadow of Doubt”. It is the Court of last recourse in the pursuit of truth that productive of justice which is turn is the premise of peace. In other words, it can be reasonably and thus rightfully said that the Supreme Court of the Philippines at these crucial times in the land, provides the ultimate hope and promise of a fulfilled people, a pacified Country, an optimistic land.

Go, Supreme Court, go! There is nothing than what is truly right and really just in your decisions that effectively say what is your noble nature and your honorable finality. As the Malacanang of today is more a society of public depression than inspiration. Hence , Supreme Court: Mabuhay!

16 APRIL 2010