Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Why are there so many continuous cries and lamentations about the poverty of majority of the Filipinos, so much increasing huge local and foreign debts incurred by the present government? Why do foreign investors keep on avoiding Philippine business and industry in favor of other nearby Asian nations, and why it is that is but mostly “hot money” that suddenly comes in as well as suddenly leaves the local market? Why are there more and more families being left behind by fathers and mothers simply to find jobs of any kind, abroad? Question: What is the problem?

Why are there so much disgust and disillusionment not only among experts and the academe but also among ordinary people concerning the value system and consequent actuation pattern on the present government? Why are there so many bitter street marches, angry public rallies and loud demonstrations here and there, now and then? How come the so called “left”, “middle” and “right” are more and more bonded in their different beliefs and advocacies? Why is the tri-media full of bad news daily, regular shameful and disturbing reports? Question: What is the problem?

Why is the Country, courtesy of the ruling administration, consistently topping the corruption index in this part of the globe? Why is it that anybody endorsed by the same administration such as in the forthcoming national elections, is said to have received nothing less that the “kiss of death”? Why it is that practically anything it lays its hands on, becomes questionable specially in costs and purposes? Why it is that what exactly the same incumbent administration says and does, almost automatically become suspect if not ridiculed? Question: What is the problem?

Answer: The problem is the national leadership wallowing in popular distrust and automatically considered as a national suspect in its desires and designs. True or not, right or wrong, that is the problem! And there is no one really to blame except the same figure who in effect said and did so much to deserve the appendage of “The problem”. Duplicity and piety, scandalous extravagance and professed love for the poor, smiles/embraces and haughtiness/temper – these in themselves are deeply problematic when noted and attributed to one and the same individual.

The fact that the present socio-political situation is like a “volcano waiting to erupt”, the reality that the elections are looked upon with a mixture of fear, suspicion and reservation, the truth that the post election scenario is full of uncertainties and apprehension – all these are because of “The Problem”.

14 APRIL 2010