Monday, April 19, 2010


The adjective “poor” thereby appended to Comelec, has absolutely nothing to do with its financial destitution in its official and/or unofficial financial resources which precisely appear overflowing and practically even limitless. Hence, it has already bought and is still buying and/or paying for multi-billion peso worth of machines, printers and different ballot papers, not to mention this and that kind of ballots boxes. This is likewise not to mention the purchase of CCTV for installation in supposedly strategic places, the buying of pens and ink. And nothing here is even said about pursuits and payments for servers, forwarded. Etc. etc.

Lately, there was the poised buying spree of millions of mysterious so called “Secret Ballots Folders” for likewise millions of pesos. The ridiculously priced folders seem to indicate that they were gold plated or diamond finished – or something the like! More astonishing was that after its discovery by some independent individuals, the Comelec merely said that it was an “oversight” – or something the like! If this grand fiasco was but something eventually noted as some kind of a heedless mistake or plain negligence, it would be quite interesting to know what and how many other grand acts of absent – mindedness has Comelec the leisure to indulge in – until election time and particularly thereafter. Lately, there is even the quest for so called “UV” hand-held scanners – or something else more cryptic.

Poor Comelec! It has been and still is, the subject of many questions and reservations. It has also been and also still is the object of a good number of doubts and fears. It has been so and still remains to be both battered by these and those skeptic concerns about its capability and preparedness – all of which began from its purchase of the by now infamous thousands of costly PCOS machines. For one reason or another, the many serious doubts and reasonable apprehensions of many people seem to downgrade much its assumed intelligence and supposed competence. Poor Comelec!

Hence, with so many advocacies and movements already long since established in conjunction with fears and scruples about Comelec commitment and preparedness for honest and orderly, peaceful and credible elections, there is even now the recently formed “Circles of Discernment: Jerico March”. It has scheduled its introductory move in the afternoon of 22 April 2010 to be held at “Plaza Roma”, Intramuros, Manila – precisely in front of the Comelec. Its triple message thereto is rather simple, fair and square: First, we are around. Second, we are watching. Third, we act when need.

Poor Comelec! Has it assumed an over-powering job? Does it have the required technical and moral force to do the work? What happens of it does a lousy job? Poor Comelec!

19 APRIL 2010