Friday, April 30, 2010


There are so many questions and reservations. These are even compounded by many worries and fears. These are farther aggravated by some panic and hysteria even. All these mental uncertainties and emotional anxieties come from the general public, the electorate in particular. On the other hand: Everything is 100 ready. Nothing is left to chance. The machines needed plus the men and women tasked to run them are ready and prepared. The voters have known what to do. All these good news in turn are proclaimed by the Comelec. But it is still good to note that all contradictory factors notwithstanding, that there are still some people who have their fingers merely crossed and who are simply hoping for the best.

One thing is certain though: Between the extremes of election bliss and dread, there are much more Filipinos suffering from anxiety than those rejoicing in expectancy. In other words, the forthcoming political exercise does not calm but agitate a pretty good number of people. In short, the 2010 national elections are causing a national headache. It is curious that as more and more public funds are freely spent for the supposedly great event in view of socio-political welfare, there is also more and more socio-ethical alarm caused among the tax-paying public. This is neither right nor fair, neither good nor just!

But why? How come there is such a national predicament now gripping the Country and its people? Is the present government for itself and not for the governed? Is the Comelec a vehicle for renewing governance - - or for deteriorating it even more? Are those aspiring for public offices in reality merely aiming for wielding power and accumulating wealth, instead of giving public service for the common good? And after 10 May, would the Filipinos experience social order and development harmony - - or might even become more miserable and pitiful?

It can be said then that the forthcoming national elections is in fact a two-edged sword: It can be a much appreciated solution or a big socio-political problem. It can really build or destroy the legitimate aspirations of the people for peace and prosperity. It can propel the Country towards a brighter or even darker future in this part of the globe. It is both strange and lamentable that what are supposed to be for the good of many such as honest and credible elections, can be reserved by a few - - such as cheaters and liars, crooks and thieves specially in government service, occupying public offices.

“Even this shall pass away!” - - thus goes the saying among people when problems become bigger, when difficulties become more. The Filipinos are a sturdy and creative people. Take away their beds, and they will sleep on the floor. Take away the floor, and they just look for another place to sleep. They are a people who can say: “Bring them on!” In short, even the national headache will come to pass!

30 APRIL 2010