Wednesday, April 28, 2010


All alone and possibly also lonely, the clerk is not only being haunted by so many angry and noisy rallies in some parts of the Country, but also being bombarded by different insulting words and hurting titles from the different sectors of society - - professionals as well as ordinary people. Among the many accusations launched on the poor man, there is one that is quite outstanding in their significant and import: Acting Secretary of justice, he is precisely now being pictured as the incarnation of injustice. All these notwithstanding, he nevertheless still appears admirable in the sense that he is taking all the blows - - standing up but not really fighting back.

Whether he knows and realizes it or not, he might find consolation in truth that the individual at the very center of the abominable and nauseating and case is not really him, one humble clerk - - but his Chief plus the latter’s disgusting and deadly political benefactors. It can be thus said that the clerk is but one insignificant and even accidental corner of a triangle that is immersed in garbage politics and that is soaked in blood. By the way, in the passed decade or so, there is nothing now recorded in Philippines history that is so foul and as vile as the infamous “Maguindanao Massacre”. A passing thought is that in this distinctly obnoxious and horrible case, the judicial principle to be observed should be instead: The accused are presumed guilty until proven innocent.

Specifically in conjunction with the Chief and the latter’s political conspirators; there are certain realities that the clerk would find consoling to take into proper consideration. One, the benefactors or conspirators know much about the political predicament of the Chief, i.e., information which are both disgusting and very incriminating as to how come the individual precisely came to claim and have the coveted title. Two, the Chief must handle the benefactors with great care and much concern less they spill the beans of cheating and violence, so to speak, and the former’s latest -53% approval rating become even much lower. Three, the clerk is then but a tiny cog in the big wheel of corrupt and corrupting transactional politics in this otherwise blesses Country.

“Kiss of death.”, “Deadly poison.” And the like - - true or false, these are but some of the shameful titles appended to the Chief. This is why some of the latter’s other supposedly faithful clerks appear to have decidedly taken the reverse gear - - fast and clear - - in order to be as far as possible from some kind of a bearer of a lethal disease. As others usually put it: When a ship is sinking, the rats run away. This is not only logical but also empirical.

Here then is the unsolicited advice to the clerk now placed in the very hot seat: bear it, and grin! People may be lambasting you in so many ways and means. But the real and ultimate target of their scorching ire is your Chief plus the latter’s Maguindanao political conspirators. Too bad that you had to take the nuts out of the fire!

28 APRIL 2010