Friday, April 09, 2010

hope and fears

As hope means trust, confidence and optimism, fear on the other hand brings about dread, foreboding and anxiety. Needless to say, ordinarily, people have only one or the other psychological bearing and pursuant emotional effect towards one or the same reality. In other words, usually someone simply either pins his hope or draws his fear towards something. There are however certain markedly ambivalent situations where many harbor both their hopes and fears about the same reality.

And such is exactly what the forthcoming 10 May national elections do to a good number of ordinary Filipinos. In other words, the progressively nearing political exercise provides precisely the reality for people in general, ample and valid reasons to entertain hopes and fears, to be optimistic and pessimistic about it. In due time, the long incumbent ruling national leader will either vacate Malacanang (hope) or in effect dig deeper specifically to stay much longer thereat (fear). The pretty long standing structures of election cheating will either become dysfunctional (hope) or emerge even more deleterious (fear). And the Comelec – this will either decidedly protect the integrity of the elections (hope) or vow down to partisan power and influence (fear).

Fearfully, the same electoral venture will activate private armies, multiply killings with remorse, and make the big and continuous flow of money the primary basis for candidates to gather the winning votes. Incidentally, this signal phenomenon of money politics is what makes politicos thereafter accumulate wealth precisely through their public offices. But what is much worse is the marked possibility that the same elections could provide the reason for public dissent and anger, not to mention the violent disgust or bloody demonstrations it might generate—with the Filipinos and their country as the eventual composite loser in the case.

Blessed are those who only have high hope and expectation on the occasion of the 10 May national elections. On the other hand, miserable are those who harbor big fear and trepidation towards the same national event. Come to think of it, they cannot be both right. Hence, what is there for all of them to do? Here: Pray hard. Exercise vigilance. Prepare for anything.

09, April 2010