Sunday, April 11, 2010


It is only unfortunate and dismaying but also sinister and menacing that for some time now, the above mind disturbing and heartbeat suspending phrases have been making the rounds - - not only in coffee shops but also in major broadsheets in the Country. Contrary to those either numbered among the faithful Malacanang allies or wallowing in the bliss of ignorance, such talks - - futile forthcoming elections, military adventurism, people’s strike, popular revolt – cannot be altogether devoid of on the ground composite basis. Would that they were but merely sound bites. But this would be plain wishful thinking. But are they, really?

Would that the national leadership and it’s still remaining close followers deserve the trust and credence of the general public – notwithstanding the following not only suspicious but also sinister moves: Formidable walling for defense purpose, courtesy of key devoted retired and active AFP officials. Surreptitious invasion and capture of the majority of Congress membership. This is not to mention the one too many wary and negative reservations about possible electoral machination precisely through the now somehow already infamous PCOS machines.

All the above nauseous observations notwithstanding, would that all the so called “opposition” and branded “critics” of the ruling administration, prove to be but victims of envy and ill-will. Would that the present administration’s well placed dynastic constituent membership be all patriotic in vision and expressed about somebody firmly decided and committed to govern “forever and ever”, be but a mere figment of imagination. Thus: Would that the “failure of election” was but a defeatist thought. And would that the emergence of a “Military Junta”, “Welgang Bayan” and “People Power” were but remote preparations for movie productions. Hence, would that the 10th of May this year be the date for the liberation of the Filipinos from poverty and misery, the redemption of the Philippines from socio-economic mal-development. And would that the long awaited new government be adorned with the virtues of integrity and competence – instead of being an expert in graft and corrupt practices.

“Hope spring eternal!” This may be a common saying. It is however not certainly empty nor vain. When the present is already difficult and the future thereby appears not promising or reassuring, to still lose hope would be the summit of desolation and pessimism – something very unhealthy, to say the least!

12 APRIL 2010