Wednesday, April 21, 2010


IT is meant to be an eminent expression of the sovereignty of the people in a republican democracy. But now, in effect it means their subservience and subjugation. It is supposed to be a much welcomed blessing for the change and renewal of their government. This is Philippines election. And the same event now stands for much uncertainly and reservation, for a good number of worries and fear, precisely on the part of the electorate.

It is on record that the nearer the forthcoming national elections are, the more public disorder and social disturbance come to fore with it. The administration is shunned as an incurable disease, being even abandoned as a rotting sinking ship. The opposition is made synonymous to gutter politics. Meantime, the people are still praying and hoping for peace and order—although all realities and signs are precisely saying violence and disturbance.

Elections is on deck. Comelec keeps on saying and insisting that everything is A-OK! All the needed machines are in, tested and ready for delivery. All the number of ballots needed is done, accounted for and prepared to be distributed to all those who will supervise the precinct elections—who are sufficient in number and well prepared to do their tasks. And practically all voters are not simply well instructed how to handle the ballots, but also most anxious to vote. In other words, there is nothing to worry about. Really?

Deception is already taking place. All candidates from all political parties are singing exactly the same song. No more corruption. No more poverty. No more unemployment. Education for everybody. Development for the country. Bright future for the people. Never mind if billions are spent for trimedia expensive advertisement, for distribution of different campaign items, for vote buying and election cheating included. Reason: Politics is great business! True!

Execution of these and those individuals basically on account of partisan politics, has already begun before elections, and will continue during and even after elections. The Maguindanao Massacre still holds the trophy for now. But not only killings here and there happen whereas simultaneous murders also take place especially in the South. Weirdly, it is said that with election time also comes good business not simply for printing presses but also for coffin makers. As some kind of a footnote, anti-population crusaders must be cheering and rejoicing for this phenomenon.

One wonders when, if ever, shall the Philippines have honest, orderly and peaceful elections. More importantly, when will Filipinos ever experience credible elections. When?

21 Aprl 2010