Monday, April 26, 2010


The phenomenon of one survey after another, undertaken by this and that agency, and done for one purpose or another – this has become an ordinary venture in the Country. While surveys have almost become a by-word on the occasion of the fast-approaching national elections, they have been in town before, for some time now. They are these and those surveys, for these and those purposes, and done for these or those periods in time. Well or badly done by a reputable or suspect entity, surveys always bring good or bad news for people in general or for certain individuals in particular.

Recently, there came out the exceptionally dreadful and tragic approval rating of -53 of someone supposedly the “greatest” national leader the Philippines ever had – according to a recently chosen and appointed spokesperson. Either the official mouth-piece sincerely and honestly believed what was said, or merely trying really hard to console and please the principal - - or simply came from another and distant planet. Whatever it be, the appalling recent survey result and the supreme praise heaped upon the same subject individual, are truly poles apart, at least.

Premised on the above publicly announced distinctly contradictory assessments of exactly one and the same personality with no less than a distinct national position, with an Asean standing and even an international stature, the following delicate inquiry comes to order: First, is the individual concerned really marvelous and admirable in both personal features and official function – or instead truly repulsive and detestable? Second, do the Filipinos in general actually appreciate and treasure the said person – or in effects repels and alienates them. Third, has the spokesperson said what was proper and true or has the survey agency released something wrong and false – or vice versa?

The fact is considering the great and exact opposite of what the spokesperson said and what on the other hand, the survey agency found out, both of them cannot be right or wrong. Either of them is wrong or right. And truth to say, there is really no middle ground in this specific fundamental contradictory issue, Reason: Something wrong that is a little right remains wrong. So too, something right that is a little wrong, becomes wrong as well.

Now, to a common tao, a -53 approval rating means one or all of the following: One, the personality concerned is an expert in pretending to be pious and saintly before immediate subordinates. Two, the individual however remains bare and naked in pretension and snobbery before the general public. Three, the survey rating may be cruel but true, merely a fruit of mere imagination or on the ground reality. Now, which is what?
26 APRIL 2010