Wednesday, March 17, 2010


The question is begging to be asked. More and more people are asking why. The inquiry with elements of perplexity can be thus expressed and proposed: Why is it that more and more Religious Men and Women are engaging themselves in admittedly many and serious social questions in the Country? Why is it that more and more Priest and Bishops are speaking and acting on rather difficult and sensitive socio-political issues in the Philippines? Why they do not simply preach about the lives of Saints, stay in the sacristy and “mind their own business”? Why?

Why do these Church people not simply confines their words and actions in the realm of liturgy, in the sphere of devotions and in the world of piety? Are fiestas, novenas and processions not supposed to be their expertise, and should wherefore remain in these purely spiritualist ministries? It is not true that preaching and living a verticalist faith is not only peaceful but also comfortable – not to mention that it is somehow profitable as well? To be “richy and comfy” is definitely a great combination for a peaceful and pleasant, a calm and long life!

For the same reason, are not all the practically numberless local and imported sects and churches operating in practically all nooks and corners in urban areas, precisely confine or limit themselves in speaking and acting precisely in substantially the same verticalist relationship between God and man. Thus it is that they remain in peace and harmony with everybody, specially so with the devious politicians and wealthy thieves. It is not true that provided their members every now and gives food to the hungry and shelter to the homeless, then everything is alright – conveniently forgetting that they to the same to their pet cats and dogs?

But here come these Nuns and Priests and Bishops who dare to speak about falsity and injustice, about dishonesty and hypocrisy, about graft and corruption, immorality and criminality among public officials. They are disturbing the peace and complacency of big liars, incorrigible crooks and callous politicians in the Country. Would it not be but right and proper that these Bishops, Priests and Nuns instead imitate the famous “Three Monkeys” who see nothing, hear nothing, say nothing. By the way, there is now a “Fourth Monkey” who does nothing – as a necessary consequence.

When oh! When can this Country once again have Church people who are all deaf, dumb and mute? That would be great! That would be fun! And that would be never!

17 MARCH 2010