Wednesday, March 24, 2010


For some time now, the so called Oplan “August Moon” has been mentioned here and there – in whispers at first, but in the open these days. In substance, the surreptitious desire supported by a pursuant clandestine design appears to have something to do with someone decided of holding on to supreme power together with the latter’s subservient followers, grasping at all possible ways and eying 11 available means to continue the already long joyride of ruling and to remain at the lofty top of an over-expensive reign-with the good of ordinary folks as their proclaimed cause and the welfare people as their comfortable excuse. And why not?

Why not if there is addiction to power?

Said plainly, as an addiction means obsession, power says dominating authority. Once someone has come to enjoy it too much and too long, then addiction to power already becomes an vice incarnate without which life is empty and living is futile. Power addiction is the highest form of obsession. Thus was that even the chief-evil-spirit wanted to have supreme power.

Why not if there are moves to stay in power?

It is an open secret that the same someone has taken some distinct moves revelatory of the fixation to hold on to power even after such should be over and done away with. Hence, to name a few: Running for successive public offices; preparing to corner the votes of the House through the “Party List” wards; invading the Supreme Court; saying “Good-Bye” to mean “Hello!”

Why not if all options are open to retain power?

There is the much questioned and strongly doubted “fully automated elections”. There is the prospect of a “failure subordinates”. There are alarming “appointments” of well known faithful subordinates. There is the continuously hanging “Charter Change” like the sword of Damocles. This is not to mention the “creation” of a dynastic accommodating new District.

Why not if there is the design to remain above the Law?

It is not unknown that the said someone not simply stands above the law but actually tramples upon the law by breaking it without reserved, violating it with nonchalance. It has become certain that every year a celebrated case is filled against the same character and certain as well that every one of them is thrown out fast by the House.

Why not if there is fear in being subjected to the rule of law?

Who will not be afraid of facing the law if the law precisely has been and continues to be the avowed enemy of the former? But then, just as the truth eventually faces the liar, so too justice ultimately catches up with the lawbreaker. That is life – even with the filthy rich and infamous!

24 MARCH 2010