Monday, March 01, 2010

Boy Mayor Ambushed 4:20 AM, 28 February 2010, R.I.P

There was this man who was once involved in the devious and odious gambling called “jueteng”. It is not a secret that the eventual and constant “winners” from the said racket have been always the same: The influential gambling lords. The crooked public officials. The covetous police officers. Everybody else was a loser—except this or that bettor allowed to win every now and then simply for “come on!” purposes.

That man was Boy Mayor. He realized the social evil inherent to jueteng. He came to loathe the illegal numbers game. He therefore denounced it decidedly, publicly and officially before no less than the Philippine Senate. Together with two other brave and upright Senate witnesses, the man exposed the viciousness of jueteng. Without the advice or assistance of any lawyer or counsel, they gave their own sworn testimonies, naming names of infamous individuals they personally knew, viz., who regularly got their shares of their loot, how much and how often, from this and that gambling lord particularly in Luzon.

Boy Mayor thus had to little by little engage in this and that small construction business to support his family. In other words, be became a small contractor of this and that small government project—usually funded by portions of the CDF of one politician or another in the country for the supposed development of his dear province. It was hard and the earnings were small. But work and toil he had to, lest he had nothing at all to provide for his relatively few yet regular domestic needs.

Late afternoon of 24 February Wednesday, he arranged a visit with the undersigned—worried and lamenting primarily about the following facts: One, he was not able to win any small project of any kind, for some two years past. Two, he knew that practically all the big and small government construction projects were cornered by one big construction company. Three, he wanted to expose the huge dirty scam before the general public so that small contractors like him could hopefully win some equally small public works projects, again. Four, he was prepared to name names, to expose the graft and corruption, and to even say how much public funds was lost to numerous ghost projects here and there. Five, he was decided to find a media outlet that would be willing to put his exposé on record for people to know, and for the government agency concerned to act in order to put a stop to the big racket.

Boy Mayor was then already apprehensive about his safety, about the danger to his life the exposé would bring. And it happened! He was ambushed. He was shot. He died. Question: who are those individuals in the construction business in his province responsible for his murder? Will the competent government authorities like to investigate and know? Are they prepared to go to his province to do the needed inquiry in order to eventually bring the hired and principal murderers to justice?

March 1, 2010