Monday, March 15, 2010

“Being warned is being forewarned”

For a start, let it be herein clearly stated that this expression of sincere concern and manifestation of reservation on the forthcoming 10 May 2010 National Elections, are first and foremost meant for the attention and consideration of the common people in general, the ordinary young people of the land in particular – with special interest and big urgency in conjunction with the simple Christian Faithful in the Church who sincerely love god and their neighbors, and who honestly want the good of their Country and the welfare of the people, irrespective of their color and creed.

Thus goes this distinct warning with all sincerity and good will. Would that it were superfluous if not downright ridiculous. The warning in order for all those really concerned so that these are thus accordingly forewarned, can be thus gently yet truthfully that the National Elections can be anything but peaceful and orderly. Such being the case, it is not altogether improbable that the said political exercise could in effect bring about social unrest – specially from the Class B to Class D of the socio-economic spectrum of the Philippine society.

For some time now and for one reason or another, there are disturbing bad news of one kind or another, about the loudly acclaimed and proudly proclaimed first fully automatic elections in the Country. From the procurement of the delicate machines to the printing of specialized ballots, from the detailed instruction of the voters to the technical training of those serving as election deputies – all these by themselves do not promise easy and smooth election process. Yet, this is not even making mention of practically a hundred and one rationally foreseen errant factors such as in terms of ghost voters, the ready and capable surreptitious professional cheaters, the intervention of private armies of politicos, the active presence of rebellious groups plus the proliferation of hoodlums who are in fact but paid goons with guns – for political motives. All of these could eventually bring about a markedly serious social disorder in the Country which if unchecked, might lead to much worst Country scenario.

Hence, together with all Filipino of good will, let the CBCP Episcopal Commission on Social Action, Justice and Peace (ECSA-JP) in close solidarity and collaboration with its incarnate affiliate all over the ecclesiastical jurisdiction in the Country, be prepared to act in decidedly quenching the possible social conflagration that the forthcoming electoral exercise could bring about – with much prayers and good wishes that such would not happen at all. The task would certainly not be easy to undertake. But those thus concerned in the Church, with the task of social action and the work for justice and peace, would not act accordingly, then, who would do it – and why?

15 MARCH 2010