Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The 2010 National Elections and the Obtaining Socio-Political Situation

It is neither a shocking revelation nor profound conclusion that the rather long since ugly and repulsive obtaining socio-political situation in the country is definitely far from being the proper setting for holding a peaceful and orderly, peaceful and credible national elections. It can be said with the least reservation that Filipinos who would think and say otherwise, much be either from Mars or downright aliens from a distant planet.

The summit of distrust for and depreciation of the ruling government more specifically in the person of its over-all quasi omnipotent top public official; the explicit public disdain and disapproval of the latter’s known minions particularly those in the legislative and executive branches of government; the regular and fuming street demonstrations openly showing public disgust and anger towards many dubious preferences and devious options made by the all powerful supreme Chief-in-Command; the latter’s well known machinations and manipulations that somehow perfected the art of graft and corrupt practices; the impressive exemplar of lasting and pervasive dynastic regime appended to the big-shot public servant who has retrograded but into family promoter;

The more and more intense and extensive poverty of the Filipinos--notwithstanding all expensive and repeated propaganda of the administration to the contrary; the infallible and cruel imposition of taxation on every single rich and poor Filipino--from birth to death; the continuously rising prices of consumer good vis-à-vis the stagnancy of salary scales--such that more and more money is needed to buy less and less human necessities; the big and continuous exodus of Filipino workers simply to find work and earn money abroad--while leaving their dear families behind;

The accumulated reservations if not downright suspicions on the competence of COMELEC to conduct right and just national elections--notwithstanding the abundant assurances it insistently gives to the public about its dedication and capability; the continuing presence of many private armies plus the infamous triad of guns, goons and gold--and the already many killings done basically on account of political motives; the vulnerability of making the PICOS ballots for the votes to be counted; the emergence of narco-politics in addition to jueteng funded politicos;

All the above mentioned sinister realities, not to mention the many other menacing phenomena in the country, constitute the background of the forthcoming national elections, precisely in form of a much adverse socio-political situation. This is a scenery that inspires anything but peace of mind and comfort of the human spirit in facing the forthcoming elections.

10 MARCH 2010