Friday, March 12, 2010

10 May 2010 National Elections Poll Watchers

Question: Accredited or not, what will the poll watchers really watch for during the forthcoming elections? It is said – not without reason – that as the “Cheaters. Inc.” did their thing manually during the manual 2004 elections, so now the same characters are prepared to accomplish their automated cheating occupation on the occasion of the proudly proclaimed 2010 fully automated national elections. How then can the poll watchers really do their job when most of them do not even know how the PCOS actually operate?

Formerly, they attentively watched the opening of every yellow metal Ballot Box under lock and key that was then meticulously and carefully done in every Precinct. They furthermore assiduously watched the canvassing of all the ballots cast upon official closing of the Precinct. They also carefully listened to every ballot read, and for whom. They also devotedly watched the tallying of the votes plus the placing of the ballots and their official counts – plus other records – in the said yellow metal Ballot Box. They finally on occasion, watched and even accompanied the same Box on its way to the Municipal or City hall, and at times, even up to the Provincial hall. Needless to say, the Poll Watchers then did a good amount of watching for all “watchable” official election acts.

Now, what will they really watch during the much proclaimed and proudly acclaimed fully automated 2010 national Elections?

There are the ballots with the complete names and/by-names of all the political candidates already written down thereon, from the national down to the local levels. There are the now ultra-famous circles formed like eggs, before every name of every candidate. There are even the locked Ballot Boxes that are likewise automatically brought to wherever they are supposed to be taken too kept or transported elsewhere.

Now, the question – again: What do the Poll Watchers then watch? Will they watch the Board of Inspectors watching the voters voting, watching the voters put their ballots in the PCOS, watching the PCOS work, watching the Ballots Boxes in the Precincts, watching these taken away to some place? Or would the Poll Watchers watch the watchers of political candidates such that everybody is watching everybody else?

There must be something better for Poll Watchers to do? But what – precisely?

12 MARCH 2010