Monday, February 15, 2010

Vulgar. Lewd. Gross.

Happy Valentine! Short time! Free condoms!

How long could supposedly high public officials in this government go? How juvenile could such seemingly responsible adults be? To what extent would they entice young people to be promiscuous unlimited? How far are they willing to go precisely to promote sexually transmitted diseases?

Distributing free condoms in public. Telling a man and woman to sexually desire one another without being spouses. Instigating Filipinos to carnally covet someone not their spouse. Helping multinational pharmaceuticals to sell their products contrary to the dictate of elementary ethics. Making HIV AIDS and other sex related plague, the order of the day. These are in fact, the unsaid but well advertised message of such pretentiously caring individuals during the otherwise lovely day!

One unsolicited advice: If those thus over-preoccupied and ever-caring individuals responsible for the ignominy of the day were really convinced that what they nonchalantly or even proudly did, would truly combat the spread of sexually transmitted maladies in the Country, then they with their dear and endearing collaborators should ardently and avidly do the same 24 hours a day, seven days a week! And if through their fervent public service, the Philippines would become eventually HIV AIDS free, then a tall monument should be eventually built in their honor.

Has it already become humanly impossible for people to learn the truth and accept the fact that they may not fool around with God, kick around His Commandments, mess up with His teaching about human dignity which is now going down the drain, about the sacredness of sex which has now sadly become “dangerous” for which people then even need “protection”! It is said that “Crime does not pay.” Well and good! But much more so “Sin does not pay.” In fact, it is costly and even deadly at times, here and now – never mind the hereafter and beyond.

Where do broken bodies go? Do they find their way safely home? And how do promoters of promiscuity feel? Do they have peace when alone? Finally, what do forwarders of immorality eventually get? Do they receive warm applauses and eminent plaques of appreciation? There must be still some sanity among Filipinos. There should still remain some rational thinking and reasonable public officials in the Country.

Time and again, the faded and still fading administration is much preoccupied and even spending much to advertise its “legacy”. Well, here is an eminent one for the record: “FREE CONDOMS”!

February 15, 2010