Monday, February 01, 2010

money. money. money.

It may not be said that elections in the Philippines simply mean political conflicts and turmoil, bombings here and killings there. Neither may Philippine elections be merely described as times of danger and disorder, days of organized cheating and syndicated deceit. However, notwithstanding all socio-political serious liabilities and lamentable maledictions intimately linked specially with national elections in the Country, the spirit of positivism – dubious and suspect though it be – affirms something “bright and beautiful” that comes from the electoral exercise. This: Money, more money, lots of money from the big bank deposits and deep pockets of the candidates that land in the hands of the general public!

There are hundreds of political candidates assiduously and covetously aspiring for their chosen elective positions from the national to the provincial down to the City and municipal levels. And as a matter of course, all of them primarily depend on how much money they have and how much money they can thus spend to win the rather expensive electoral race. They must put up headquarters in as many strategic places as possible – with all the needed personnel therein. They have to employ campaign managers with different rankings and various assigned political agenda. They should rent as many vehicles as possible in order to make the needed campaign rounds – with loud sound systems plus slogans. All these mean and spell money, money, money. But this is not all.

Money to build up their image and sell themselves. This eventually means the following:
Money for all conceivable tri-media advertisements of self-praise and self-admiration. Money to stage political campaigns here and there, to entice people to go thereto, to pay for movie stars and singers to delight the crowd. Money to make, manufacture and distribute as many campaign items as possible – from T-shirts, caps, balloons and whatever. Money to hand to everyone who frequents the house of the candidates, asking for help from early morning to sun down. Money to fund the expenses for many “kasal, binyag, patay” – not to mention the likewise many “Flores de Mayo”, Fiestas and Tournaments. And money to buy as many votes as there are for sale.

The Country is then flooded with money. People are happy because they have money to spend for the needs. Businessmen also rejoice for having big sales cum likewise big profit. And producers are all smiles for raking in the economic benefits of a brisk market. In short, everybody is happy. Who wherefore see nothing else than graft and corruption, thievery and hypocrisy in the Philippines? Who thus say there is but poverty and misery, hunger and hopelessness all over the land?

By the way, there is a little something that needs to be said. This: From the very first to their last days in public office, the winning candidates shall begin and continue charging the public funds for their lavish election spending – one hundred and one times more. They will engage in all conceivable money making “official” ventures. Eventually as old-timer politicians, they become as wealthy as they can. The people? Of course, there are poor and miserable once more. What is new?

February 1, 2010