Wednesday, February 03, 2010


In its apparent definitive preparation to eventually though unwillingly step down from its already too long tenure of the highest public office in the land with the most powerful command over the people, the administration is now sparing no public funds to fully and repeatedly advertise its supposed marvelous and enviable “legacy” to the Country. Tri-media repeatedly, boldly and loudly carry official advertisements meticulously and emphatically pointing out all its supposedly big and numerous official accomplishments.

These achievements come in terms of bridges built and roads extended. There are sea and water ports repaired or improved. This and that project either already done or still in the making. There are also the so called “economic fundamentals” that are in place – always. There are furthermore the big “reserves” built, the financial stability made, the “rosy” national economy and development in view. In other words, in line with the now famous saying “Do not panic”, i.e., everything is in order and under control.

What the administration does not say is how much public funds were spent for the “achievements”, and how much more of it went to deep private pockets and big personal bank accounts. It keeps quiet about how much internal and external debts have been incurred in funding the glorious projects. It is also reluctant to say that the Philippines now has a total debt of more than 4 trillion pesos – with every man, woman and child in the Country owing the government more than 40 thousand pesos each to be paid by their direct and indirect taxes, from birth to death.

Furthermore, the administration deliberately and carefully keeps deaf and dumb about the following atrocious items which also constitute its legacy to the people of the Philippines – some of which are the following: The Mega Pacific scam. The Road Users’ tax Scam. And many other outstanding graft and corrupt practices – courtesy of the Administration plus its powerful and influential allies.

No. This is not negativism. It is simply in the context of the saying “Fair is fair!” It is alright for the administration to shout its triumphs from the rooftop. It is however not alright for it to simply sweep its failures “under the rug” – so to speak. Even Saints admit their failures and repent for them. And the administration is categorically very far from being saintly – to say the least. One thing appears certain in its too long tenure of power and influence: The administration slowly but surely mastered the thought system and actuation pattern that it is always right! The general public on the other hand, consistently gives it a minus-rating in trust and approval!

One thing is certain: Veracity is the intimate companion of reality. Mendacity on the other hand, is the close pair of inferiority. This in turn, can readily translate itself into superiority complex. Strange but true!

February 3, 2010