Friday, February 12, 2010

Good News

It is definitely not a secret that the general public has been long since painfully and mercilessly bombarded by a practically interminable litany of one bad news after another. Let it be said that this sad state of affairs in the Country is not really the making of the Fourth State – the tri-media. This simply reports what crooked government leaders do, how corrupt public officials act, what their goons, vassals and puppets carry out in their behalf. Specially bad news abound in conjunction with the fearful and even dangerous forthcoming national elections. Devious political candidates with the same dubious motherhood platforms. Suspect Commission on Elections in the person of some of its key officials. Compound complex automated vote counting machines. Unexpurgated election registries. Actuality of the usual guns, goons and gold – plus private armies. Availability of election cheating kings. Election funds from gambling lords, from drug lords, from suspect business lords.

Question: What and where are the good news? Answer: They are the Filipinos themselves as a people, and they are practically all around. What a great blessing! What a big news that in general! Here:

Filipinos love their families. Parents are respected and children are pampered. Siblings support one another – with the eldest holding a leadership position. The elderly are taken care of. Their usually small and simple houses are their homes.

Filipinos are fun loving. They have many fiestas to celebrate. They have nice songs to sing. They have great tunes to dance to. They go for “Sky is the limit” during the Christmas Season. They fill the Churches during Holy Week. They have little and simple altars at home.

Filipinos are used to hardship, are contended with the little they have. Many of them are in fact accustomed to poverty as most of them have never been really wealthy at any time. When they have something more than the usual, they spend more for their needs. Otherwise, they spend less as usual.

Filipinos are patient – at times to the point of indifference. This is particularly true in conjunction with national issues, International issues – never mind. Provided they have some food to eat, some clothes to wear and a place to live in – it’s ok. Just don’t meddle with their lives.

Filipinos above all are customarily faithful and prayerful and hopeful. This triad is formidable in nature and implication. The truth is that it is a strong weapon against hypocrisy, fatalism and despair. This in fact is the reason behind their endurance and equanimity.

Filipinos - you are one big good news!

February 12, 2010