Friday, February 19, 2010

Damaged Institutions

Time and again, there are angry talks, strong denunciations plus disturbing pronouncements about “Damaged Institutions” in this supposedly republican democratic Country. Said infuriated and infuriating assessments have particular relevance and reference to the Legislative and Judicial Departments of the Government – courtesy of the presently reigning administration. After some ten long years of continuous mixture of patronizing rule and emergency governance, after certain smiling fronts here and incensed actuations there, Malacanang is very successful in demeaning and even overturning no less than the constitutional principle of “Separation of Powers” in view of the necessary and practical norm of “Checks and Balances” among them.

Briefly, an Institution in general is considered “damaged” when it remains depended in its nature and captured in its finality, i.e., when it is not really as it should be, does not function as it truly must. Reason: In the concrete case of the Philippine situation, there is long since, an unseen but much felt wealthy and heavy, powerful and influential hand holding the baton and directing the Institutions concerned what to do, when and how to. And this is neither funny to know, nor comforting to realize.

Frankly, Congress – the Lower House in particular - is long since a damaged Institution. The same can be said of the Judiciary as specially demonstrated by the extra-eminent figure in the Executive Department in such an extra-hurry to appoint its Chief said to be from “The Firm” – whatever misfortune this really means to the administration of justice in this Country, as well allegedly well known by people in the “grapevine”.

And to think that the already too long incumbent Supreme Commander of the land had definitely no plan of every really ending such a too lengthy and over-powering rule – both the thus damaged Legislative and Judicial Branches of government would be a big help in giving their ready zeal of unconditional approval to such a gross addiction to power, when the right time comes. And this propitious time for the illustrious persona is interestingly said to take place before or after the May 2010 national elections. Awesome!

In the event that such a disturbing political diagnosis does not become a pathetic entry in Philippine history, in case this Country would have a really new national leader as constitutionally provided and as reasonably expected by the Filipinos in general, then the first fundamental advisory that the new Malacanang occupant should observe is a “Hands-Off Policy” on the said two other branches of government. Honest, there is already much work and grave responsibility in leading but the Executive Department!

February 19, 2010