Friday, February 05, 2010

2010 Elections: Quo Vadis?

Many people are not simply hoping but in fact fervently praying for honest, orderly, peaceful and credible May 2010 National Elections. And they have all the nationalists reasons to do so whereas the Country has been long since suffering much not only from many gross man-made atrocities but also from different natural destructive calamities. At the same time, multi-million Filipinos have been always the infallible victims of all such treacheries and devastations. In the event that their hope and prayers for a reliable and acceptable electoral process would become a reality, what a social blessing and a political breakthrough that would be for the Filipinos and the Philippines – considering the really messy elections that took place before!

But, there appears to be one outstanding election problem urgently begging for resolution, yet seems to defy resolution in time for May 2010, or it’s resolution is deliberately unwanted long since.

Assuming that all the election officials all over the land are morally upright and technically competent, assuming that all the machines work well from sun-up to sun-down during the election day, assuming that the standard guns, goons and gold are kept on hold, assuming that all the places of elections are peaceful and calm, assuming that all the voters find their respective registration in the clustered precincts that they know what to do with their ballots and that they all properly cast their votes, assuming finally that the elections are thus “peaceful” and “orderly” all over the land – and that is one mighty big complex composite of assumption – would the same elections necessarily become “honest” and “credible”?

The problem consists in the infamous phrase “Padded Voters’ Registration Lists”. Translation: There are dead or ghost voters. There are flying or roaming voters. There are disqualified voters. Lastly and more fatal, there are certain individuals who have on hold millions of votes ready for unloading in favor of chosen and identified candidate/candidates in whose favor the votes are precisely counted.

Questions: Is it true that up to 2001, the padding amounted to some half-a-million voters? Is it true that by 2004, the padding increased to some three million voters? Is it true that by 2010, the padding even reached the number of some six million voters? Those who even without thinking immediately brand these questions are pure garbage, better do first some serious inquiry and research. And what a shame and a pity for those who simply say “What’s new?” and thus adopt the stance that election cheating is already a matter of fact in Philippine elections.

2010 Elections: Quo vadis? Where art thou going?

February 1, 2010