Friday, January 15, 2010

social disorder in the making?

There appears to be some kind of an eerie feeling pervading many sectors of society, a certain ominous expectation expressed by not few people who are cognizant of and attentive to the signs of the times in this Country. No. This is not really about the suspect or incapable political candidates from the national to the local levels of government, for the forthcoming elections – although such is certainly a discomforting reality about the present and future lot of Filipinos. This is neither relative to the progressively higher prices of food, cement and other necessities – although salaries remain stagnant in amount and jobs are harder to find, unless one leaves the Country. Nor is this about the ever rising crime rate in the streets, the forever presence of guns in the hands of those who precisely should not have them.

This is concretely about the supposedly May 2010 automated elections that has long been loudly proclaimed and avidly acclaimed by the administration as a fantasy jewel in its hallucinatory crown. Many sober and sobering questions are fervently asked. Different serious reservations are reasonably raised. Various realistic doubts are repeatedly forwarded. All these are anything but comforting for the people and reassuring for the Country.

Where are the machines? How dependable and trustworthy are they? How come there are already those that did not work as expected? It is not true that machines done by human hands to do something, can be undone by other human hands to do exactly something else? Is it not true that the websites of five government agencies have already been hacked recently? Would this not be already a big bad omen of things to come about the forthcoming national automated elections?

Why is it that to this date, the teachers intended to man the machines, are still in the dark about their supposed task? How come it is a group called “Sex Bomb Girls” that is doing the supposed voting instruction? Where are those some fifty thousand technicians with fifty thousand motorcycles envisioned to supervise the teachers to do some machine trouble shooting? How come while the private armies of politicians are already known in active existence and even in concrete number, are however still around and calmly waiting for their marching orders?

Mindanao is already in trouble as blatantly initiated by the infamous Maguindanao massacre. Whereas it is in turmoil, there are pronouncements from election officials that early elections would be held therein. Meantime, there are indications to the effect that the whole of Mindanao could become even more dangerous and problematic. Without some 30% of the whole electorate in the Country from Mindanao, would the national elections be then postponed – with whatever subsequently happens becoming anybody’s guess. Is social disorder in the making?

January 15, 2010