Monday, January 04, 2010

novel firecrackers

It is not a secret that Filipinos by and large have not only an innovative drive in doing things but also a creative spirit in redoing themselves – their outputs included. And this some kind of an in-born trait extends from the ingenious way they have in living their admittedly difficult day-to-day lives, to the surprising and even delightful way they continuously reinvent their products. Let it be noted that such inventive and fanciful disposition is more often than not, endowed with a certain fun, not to mention their being naughty as well.

A case in point is that on the occasion of the last 2010 New Year’s eve, this report came about in whispers and confidence: There were new firecrackers on sale for the brave and courageous, for the intrepid and defiant. But, these firecrackers of recent vintage were not found with their usual public displays. It was even said that they were sold in whispers, and purchased with a commitment to some kind of secrecy. Never mind the price whereas what was more important was the profound glee they brought about for the big “bang” they gave.

The carefully absconded and surreptitiously sold “new” firecrackers were definitely not without their proper inherent connotations. It was said that their respective brand names were enough to say that those who buy the unique firecrackers should not fool around with them – with the earnest instruction that there must be an “all clear” signal before any of them were lighted and thereby exploded.

The novel firecrackers were said to be three in kind hereafter mentioned according to their reported ascending order of loud unique “bang” – with their also ascending price tags: First, “BIN LADEN”. Second, “AMPATUAN”. Third “GOOD-BYE GLORIA”.

This is not to say that such opted nomenclature or brand names are fair or otherwise, disrespected or otherwise. They all have certain common implications: One, they all say something rather critical and fatal even. Two, they all imply something specially discredited and deplorable. Three, they all forward something rare as extraordinary awful in being and unacceptable in standing.

There seems to be no record how many of the said firecrackers were sold/bought, how much they were enjoyed by those who fired them as well as those who saw and heard them explode. But with such appended names to those firecrackers, it is hard to imagine the awe and apprehension they made, and the commotion and impression they cause when fired. And understandably so!

January 4, 2010