Friday, December 18, 2009

when the curtain drops

For the ordinary men and women, and there are billions of them the world over, for the common Filipinos and Filipinas, and there are millions of them in the Country, when the “curtain drops” ending their career or profession, losing their fame or distinction, and even eventually giving up life itself – yes, there is sorrow and pain. At the same time however, there is also acceptance and submission whereas as it is in the nature of something that begins, to finally end. This is the rule on earth and the law of heaven!

But woe to those therefore who believe they are precious gifts of the gods to the people, they are extraordinary superior to others and even believe that are necessary and indispensable for the good and welfare of many others. As far as they are concerned, neither heaven nor earth has the reason, much less the authority to end their very dear and endearing vision, to slow down and finally terminate their demanded and demanding mission. How could people be without them?! What would happen to the Country in their terminal absence?!

When the “curtain drops” on these incarnate egoisms, when others take the center stage as natural law ordains it and human reason accepts it, the following usually happen to these pitiful and miserable individuals who believe and want to believe that they are irreplaceable: First, they adamantly refuse to accept the reality that its over for them. Second, they spare no ways nor means to stop the curtain from dropping on them. Third, they feel no shame nor guilt, attempting to stay in the stage even if only by the side space. Fourth, they hire everybody willing and available, pay these to the hilt, simply to try stopping the curtain from dropping altogether. Fifth, when they are irremediably out of the stage, they angrily and bitterly blame everybody else – except themselves, of course – for the ground reality: They are done! They are over! They are out!

This phenomenon is real and true as amply demonstrated by those in the world of Philippine politics, which for most politicians, is basically nothing more than having luxurious living with minimal work – but much talk. No wonder that when politicians claim they represent the people and serve the people – not few of those who really know Philippine politics say “Hogwash!” As one nationally known politician once said in truth and with candor: “Show me a politician who is poor, and I will tell you he is fool!”

A case in point is someone who is not only filthy rich but also entertains and loves the delightful and those hopeless feeling of being great and necessary for the Country. Woe to the people if the “curtain drops” for this personality feels tops in all tops above all. It then becomes understandable that everyone is disposable and everything is dispensable – on proviso only that the curtain does not drop on the same. On the stage the character must remain: At the middle. At the side. At the steps. Anywhere!

December 18, 2009