Tuesday, December 01, 2009

walking the lie

Needless to say, the injunction of “Walking the Talk” in general has something to do with having words converted into deeds, with doing something more than just talking about it – with the simple understanding that words are cheap while deeds are what really count. During these interesting and trying times of political slogans and infomercials plus political rhetoric and political battle cries, the phrase “Walking the talk” acquires particular significance and relevance. The truth is that most politicians do not walk the talk. Hence, the wise advisory: Do watch the politicians and listen to them, enjoy their acts and antics – but do not readily believe what they say, do not expect much from their long and winded talks. Otherwise, you would only wallow in sorrow, regret and disgust.

A spectacular example of not walking the talk comes in the form of the many and loud glowing campaign speeches of the incumbent Chief-in-Command prior to the 2004 National Elections. The same can be said of the one too many and glorious State of the Nation Addresses of exactly the same still ruling supreme national leader. They were instead the case of “Talking the walk” in the sense that the said speeches and addresses can be also said as “winding the wind”. This is to say, in practically countless instances, words and more words flew in so many places and numerous instances – but most of the deeds expected to come thereafter, were pitifully stillborn. Thus came about the unenviable place of the present administration in the “Horror Roll” of cheating and stealing, in consequent public distrust and depreciation, in popular censure and rejection.

With the Maguindanao open display of brutality and public exhibit of inhumanity that merited no less than the official condemnation of several nations and international organizations, the admittedly new phrase of “Walking the lie” now comes to fore – and for good reasons. The saying has its connotation and application in the case of a beneficiary of a lie standing by the side of the liar – or in favoring those from whom favor was received, or in protecting those from whom protection was provided.

There is one signal and critical element in this new saying – a bomb waiting to explode, so to speak. In other words, in the event that the liar is not favored or protected by the party of interest, the same might reveal the lie said about the latter – woe to the one who benefited from the lie said. It is not a secret that Maguindanao lied and favored the actual Malacanang occupant on the occasion of the 2004 national elections. In brief, the lie and the favor were about the counting of practically all votes practically in favor of you know who. This then cannot but in one way or another engage in “Walking the lie”. Is that too hard to understand?!

November 30, 2009