Monday, December 07, 2009

triple philippine disaster

Filipinos are basically good and kind people. Theirs is by and large a simple life with simple needs. They do not really demand much as much as they never really had anyway in the course of their relatively short history as a people. Over and above all these, a big majority of them have sound value system, have functional conscience and call upon God according to their respective religious beliefs and spiritual practices. In other words, not only reason but also faith argue that the People of the Philippines deserve a less depressing life and wherefore a more inspired and beneficial living.

Hence, there is reason and logic to ask: Why? Why is it that particularly in the past decade or so, they have become unusually poor and thus usually hungry, frequently exploited and rarely blessed, mostly oppressed and wherefore hardly favored by neither the peace of mind brought about by justice, nor by the consolation of the spirit ushered in by the experience of equity. Instead, the much lamentable reality is that lately, there are no less than three consecutive monumental disasters that hit the land, and that make the people still stand in perplexity and shock.

First is the disaster brought about by Ondoy and company that brought havoc to Luzon. Men, women and children died. Houses were destroyed. Possessions were lost. Streets were flooded. Sickness and death came thereafter. But this is not enough.

Second is the disaster sprung by the Maguindanao massacre in Mindanao. Political warlords brought out their well armed private armies. These in turn, pursuant to their bestial mandate, killed and even desecrated helpless people – politicians, media persons and companions – at will and with glee. But neither this was enough.

Thirdly is the disaster, shame and perfidy of a still incumbent President running after a congressional seat in supposed representation in Luzon. Good name, honor and shame are made irrelevant. Egoism, narcissism and fixation with power are the order of the day. Particularly low rating of trust and distinctly high rating of disapproval of exactly the supposedly head public servant are of no significance and impact.

Three huge human disasters in no less than the regions of Luzon and Mindanao! Meantime, the political circus in the Country merrily goes on. With the fun they now bring, the misery that is sure to follow after the elections – if any. It now appears imperative for people although with different faiths, to storm heaven with supplications for the reign of truth, justice and peace in the Country.

December 7, 2009