Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Jesus Christ

On the occasion of someone who is tenaciously holding on to the formidable power and merrily enjoying the perks of the highest public office in the Country, and who at the same time is now officially aspiring for a much lower elective position in government, there is understandably a big public dissenting and resentful outcry. Such a phenomenon is not only the first in Philippine history for being strange and shameful, but also the object of not only ridicule but also of public disdain. It is in fact said here and there – something admittedly unfair and even disrespectful – that the subject party concerned is not only short in physical standing but also short in good sense, honor and “delicadeza”.

The singular reality of a ruling President aspiring for membership in the Lower House of Congress, defies logic and reason when such is taken at face value. In other words, there must be something much deeper than the mere ridiculous appearance of the fact. The more logical and wherefore common course even in the perplexing world of Philippine politics is that someone – be this an aspiring politician or a traditional politico – is to aim low first in the hierarchy of political authority, and thereafter gradually target higher and higher political offices. But now, there is this someone who in effect is overstaying in Malacanang in the cloud 9, yet now appears eager to descend to a lowly place, among lowly people.

By the way, this Philippine political first must have been that impressive and touching that it brought about another Philippine ecclesiastical first. There was a priest in the place concerned who – with probably proper incentives as a matter of course – had the nerve and the guts to liken the rightly or wrongly celebrated character to “Jesus Christ” who descended from heaven down to earth! If this deliberate buttering, flattering and adoring liturgical pronouncement is not downright blasphemous, then nothing would at all qualify as flagrant blasphemy.

The basic, relevant and intriguing question in this sinister fact of a queen wanting to be a maid-servant, is a good number of “WHY?” Why precisely were more than 50 perplexing presidential visits made to the district concerned, bringing many projects and other beneficial agenda, courtesy of national public funds, if not to win the expected elections hands-down? Why precisely target a legislative public office even but in the Lower House, if not to have a direct hand in the long avidly desired Charter Change in favor of a parliamentary form of government in the Philippines? Why precisely have such a parliament as a form of Philippine government, if not to go after the Office of Prime Minister, by hook or by crook, and be thus once again happily immune from suits? Right, JOSE?

OVCruz, DD
December 9, 2009